About us

Copper Choppers is a division of Weirs Wires. Weirs Wires was created by Robert R. Weir to market his unique style of salvage art to his customer base across North America.

Copper Choppers is a new venture that collaborates Robert Jr. with his father Robert P. Weir. Both men are retired craftsmen with years of experience in sculpting, metal fabrication, welding, copper forming, and mechanics.

Their love of motorcycles led them to create Copper Choppers.

They use salvaged material such as refrigeration copper, roofing copper, aluminum, hardwoods, leather, ceramics, and glass to build unique one of kind variations of motorcycles and vehicles on a small scale.

Their unique blend of steampunk, art deco and classical styles of construction, mixed with their understanding of the metal's patina and braze welding make for some truly stunning, one of a kind, works of art.

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